New taps

So the kitchen sink decided to stop producing hot water, and the lovely man from NPower said it had something to do with the taps.

So we bought some fancy new ones. Kind of space age, and I wasn't sure if I liked them at first, but their growing on me (as much as a tap can after you've seen a £450 brushed chrome tap with a Brita water filter built in).

Light fitting

I know this isn't technically about our house (the one that we own), but about the school's house (the one that we live in), but as its DIY related I'm going to post it anyway, just because it fits.

I've been wanting a chandelier for the bedroom for the longest time (basically since the day we moved in). Actually I want one for the dining room too, but one step at a time...

Anyhow, I found the perfect one - and it was cheap! I didn't want crystals everywhere, because my mum warned me that you have to take them apart regularly to wash them, otherwise they look dull. What I wanted was something rustic, but minimalist. Something that wouldn't look out of place in the BBC Robin Hood series.

Anyway, I found this beauty in IKEA
it's called LERDAL and it has both bulbs and candle holders in it. How perfect is that?

It's only £35.99 and I got 30% off for it being January sales.

I put the whole thing together, following the instructions, until I realised there was no way I was going to be able to reach the stupidly high ceilings in this old Victorian house, even stood on the change table, so I had I get Matt involved.

As I'd done the rest the instructions for attaching to the ceiling looked really easy. Just connect striped leads together, dark leads together and light leads together. Piece of cake.

Only the problem was, once we took the existing light fitting out, there were nine wires coming out of the ceiling, not three and some of them sparked when we touched them.


Turns out you can't just turn the light off, you're supposed to switch it off at the fuse box.

So the ikea instructions didn't match what we had at all, but here are the instructions for if you have the same problem.

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