So we've finally got to a painting stage throughout most of the house. As we now have tenants for September, and they kindly offered to help paint, it's only fair that I let them choose the colours. I am incredibly happy though. They look great.

The front bedroom is now 'dusted damson' which I had my reserves about, but is lovely on.

The hallway has had its second coat of buttermilk ands looking lovely for it.

And from the other angle you can see an 'overtly olive' avocado colour in the kitchen.

The kitchen does need a second coat, but the colour is good.

Into the dining room from the kitchen you can see how patchy the kitchen is, but the dining room is beautiful buttermilk again.

And from there you get just a hint of my very favourite room...

The living room.

This colour is called 'Espresso shot' and boy was it hard to paint on!

It was so patchy and uneven, even with the roller, the first coat seemed to take forever. Fortunately the second coat went on much faster and it's sooo beautiful. I would have done the whole room in this (with a south facing window that extends the entire width of the room it won't look dark) but Christine was nervous, so we ended up doing two walls in this, and two in 'intense truffle'.

I ache all over but it's totally worth it.

Next step is touch ups and skirting boards.
Exciting times...

- Kj

We won't be living here...

Well, it turns out we aren't going to be living in our first house.

This sounds like it's really bad news, but honestly, it isn't!

Matt got a job we'd been hoping for, but it includes accommodation, which means we are now just trying to finish the house so that my sisters family can rent it off us. It's been a strange time for the last few months, not really sure how to finish the house (to my taste, or generic in case someone else rents it) and this way has worked out perfectly. Not only are we financially better off, but my sister and I have fairly similar taste, and with us being close, it's not like I won't get to visit the house. She might even let me help her in the garden...

So now it's the final push to try and get the house finished before they have to move in September. Matt, whose idea it was to start this blog, hasn't really posted much, but he has done LOADS of work, so I'll get him to update as soon as it's summer and he has some free time.

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